In 1998, the year of the fortitudinous dragon, a humble little stall, serving mouth-watering seafood dishes, started plying its business along Alexander Road. Mellben Seafood has since expanded to various outlets and earned for ourselves a reputation for serving consistently good sumptuous seafood.

Incorporating a Singapore-Identity into our home-grown recipes, we have created many renowned signature dishes; one of which, is the inaugural “Claypot Crab Vermicelli Soup“- which is vermicelli served in a luscious, savoury thick milky broth with pure natural essence of crab. We promise a truly gastronomic & unique dining experience!

Mellben TPY outlet opened in 2006 under the guidance of our vibrant, vivacious manager – Kelly, and Chef Mun – our award winning chef. With watchful eyes, they honed their team’s skills to perfection creating this reputation that has put them in the forefront of the Chinese culinary world of seafood cuisine.

Over the past decade, Kelly has become an icon at her outlet where regular diners greet her as Kelly Jie ( “Jie” a fond reference for “sister” in Chinese culture). Kelly’s dedication and consuming passion for what pleasure food can bring to diners, has produced a delightful new repertoire of seafood cuisine. In 2017, we rebranded our outlet with a new promise! Kelly Jie Seafood is a recognition of the dedication and perseverance extended by Kelly’s admirable team.

We are extremely grateful for the generous support of all our partners and valued customers, making us a household name that’s on everyone’s lips today. It has been, and will continue to be, a delight to pamper you with the same gusto and pleasure that we have had for the past decade.

Visit our new website – www.KellyJie.sg

Thank you for making us a way of your life